Thank You for Coming to Celebration!

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our Sixth-Annual Celebration! Please know how grateful we are for your support. You make it possible for nonprofits to office in an affordable location so more of their funds can go toward the people who need it most instead of overhead costs.


Serve Denton Mission Statement

Collaboration at its Finest

When local nonprofits office in the same location, they can increase collaboration to better serve those in need to help people become self-sufficient.


Affordable Shared Office Space

Serve Denton provides affordable office space to nonprofits so they can put more of their donation dollars toward their mission instead of overhead costs.

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Services in One Location

Serve Denton’s vision is to be a one-stop-shop for social services so those in need only have to visit one location to receive the services they need.

Scattered Nonprofits


The Problem

When a family falls on hard times, finding help can be overwhelming. And when nonprofits are spread out, it can be difficult to find the organizations that can help, let alone find the transportation.

Serve Denton was created as a solution.

Serve Denton House


Our Solution

Our solution is to have multiple nonprofit agencies office in the same building, so those in need only have to visit one location to receive the help they need for multiple services.

When nonprofits are officing in the same building, this increases their collaboration and communication, which helps our neighbors get back on their feet more quickly.

Serve Denton Self-Sufficiency Ladder

Our Vision

This is our self-sufficiency ladder. 

Our vision is to fill the rungs of this ladder by having a nonprofit address each one of these issues. This way, there is easier access to the social services in Denton County that can help people become self-sufficient, meaning they no longer need assistance from nonprofit agencies.

We have two locations: Serve Denton Center and The Wheeler House

Meet Our Partners


Our Community Needs Your Help


Projected number of individuals to be served on an annual basis during the first year of the Serve Denton Center being fully occupied.


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