Circle of Support

Circle of Support

Serve Denton’s Circle of Support is an opportunity for YOU to become a monthly supporter! 

You can help us move forward with the next phases of Serve Denton. We need your help to welcome multiple new nonprofits to our building so we can exponentially increase the number of people and families that are served at Serve Denton.

To achieve the full potential of all that Serve Denton can be, we need a circle of supporters like YOU who commit to the vision through a monthly gift, ensuring the capacity to open the doors to the nonprofits on our waiting list.

To join the Serve Denton Circle of Support, we ask you to consider a monthly pledge of:






When you sign up for the Circle of Support, you get:

  • Access to the "Inner Circle," our monthly newsletter exclusively for our Circle of Support members and Capital Campaign donors. We consolidate success stories and statistics from our partner nonprofits and tell you where your money went the month before!

  • An exclusive Circle of Support sticker.

  • The opportunity to make a difference in your community.

One-Time Donation

When you donate to Serve Denton, YOU help us provide affordable office space for local nonprofit agencies so more of their donation dollars can go toward their mission instead of overhead costs.

When nonprofits are officing in the same location, those in need only have to visit one location to receive the services they need.

YOU can help us serve more nonprofits so more of our neighbors in need can reach self-sufficiency!


You can also mail cash or checks to the Serve Denton Center, 306 N Loop 288 #100, Denton, TX 76209. This method avoids credit card fees to make sure all of your donation goes straight to Serve Denton!


If you are interested in hosting a fundraiser to benefit Serve Denton, email us at We love partnering with restaurants and local businesses to support our community!

Amazon Wish List

Looking for other ways to give? At the Serve Denton Center, we are always in need of office supplies that all of our nonprofit agencies can benefit from! When you order an item on our Amazon Wish List, it will be sent directly to Serve Denton, so you don’t have to worry about delivering it.