Welcome our Newest Tenant: TruExpansion!

Serve Denton is excited to welcome a new nonprofit tenant: TruExpansion Foundation! Their mission is to teach and demonstrate personal development, life skills and wellness to youth. TruExpansion was founded in 2001 by Tawanna Rucker, a certified professional life coach and licensed wellness specialist who concentrates on youth development. The organization has four programs that aim to empower youth through encouraging self-confidence, building on strengths, improving self-confidence, and teaching life skills.

Previously, TruExpansion was housed in Dallas, TX. But now, by partnering with Serve Denton, TruExpansion can reduce operating costs and provide services in Denton, TX! This new partnership helps us fill another rung on our self-sufficiency ladder so more of our neighbors can reach self-sufficiency.

By partnering with Serve Denton, TruExpansion expects to save over $30,000 annually. They are currently located in the Bishop Arts District in Dallas, TX, serving youth in Dallas County. With this partnership with Serve Denton,  TruExpansion will move their main office to Denton and be able to offer their programs in both Dallas and Denton County!

TruExpansion offers the following four programs:

Truancy Uplift

Truancy Uplift aims to identify student strengths to improve self-image, provide tools to help them manage daily challenges, help build self-confidence and re-engage them in school.

Life By Design

Life by Design empowers teens through life coaching strategies, leadership methods and wellness practices. Teens complete personal development, life skills and wellness courses, learning how to identify their strengths and how to use those skills to bring value to their community.

Life Skills and Leadership

Life Skills and Leadership focuses on six key elements: personal development, life skills, leadership, communication, goal setting and wellness. This program aims to provide youth with success-tools to help them achieve their personal and professional potential and is designed for teens ages 12-17 years old.

Vocational Training in Business Office Services

This program is designed for all youth ages 16-17 years old who are looking to develop business office skills. This program prepares students for entry-level employment in a broad range of clerical and customer service positions. Teens develop new skills, knowledge and education to confidently add value to an organization.

TruExpansion will be officing at Serve Denton Monday, Tuesday, and Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. with Tawanna Rucker, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer. She is responsible for the vision, strategy and fundraising efforts for TruExpansion Foundation.

Tawanna is passionate about identifying strengths in children and teens. She is a certified professional life coach who has combined her specialized skills in wellness, life coaching strategies, along with corporate leadership methods to create a unique program to build self-awareness and self-confidence in youth through development courses. She is also a Court Appointed Special Advocate for children (CASA).

Tawanna Rucker says, "Teens are exposed to a lot of negative messages. Those messages seep into their subconscious mind, creating self-doubt and self-sabotaging beliefs. I want youth to know they have the power to create their own reality and make it amazing. We teach them how to believe in themselves and apply valuable tools in life. TruExpansion Foundation is my way of planting seeds of empowerment in youth and making a positive change in the world."

Join us in welcoming this powerful organization to the Serve Denton family! To find out more about TruExpansion Foundation, visit their website by clicking the button below.