The Timing Could Not Be More Perfect

Right when we needed a helping hand, our community came in to save the day! It goes to show when combining a passion with a need, people start jumping on board to make a positive impact. The Denton Morning Rotary Club, Denton Rotary Club and Serve Denton partnered together to build the Rotary House, a transitional housing facility for families in Denton County. Serve Denton’s Executive Director, Pat Smith, brought the idea to the two Rotary Clubs in October of 2012, but was met with hesitation simply because no funds had been raised yet. After asking for $25,000 from each club to start the project and having long conversations about the project, they came to an agreement to get the ball rolling.

The Rotary House is now 70 percent complete and quickly finishing, but being able to complete this building would not be possible without this story!

Our Rotary House funds were starting to run low, which would have forced us to stop construction. We received a generous donation of a rent house from an anonymous donor with the help of the Denton Morning Rotary Club that will be sold for a $100,000 contribution. While we were still trying to get over this overwhelming feeling of gratitude for such a substantial donation, Pat Smith entered a meeting and received a simple envelope with his name written on the front from a lady at Denton Bible Church. When he opened the envelope a $25,000 check was inside! Now just one of these two significant donations would have been more than enough to call for rejoicing, but the giving didn’t stop.

Some women from Young Men’s Service Club contacted Pat to offer their services to the Rotary House. By the end of the conversation, their organization had offered to buy all of the remaining items on our “Rotary House Project” registry in addition to helping provide furniture for the building. They also planned a service event for the Rotary House in October for the moms and sons in their organization. Their willingness to serve has not only added to our excitement as an organization, but will help make this project successful!

Our journey has been one to remember — we would have never imagined our vision becoming a reality this quickly. Thank you to everyone who has invested in the Rotary House. Your donations will truly help transform Denton County!