The Newest Member to Our Family

As Serve Denton begins to rapidly grow, our team grows as well. Rachael Sampson will now fulfill the Development Director position, helping to reach fundraising goals, maintaining relationships with sponsors and implementing marketing strategies. Rachael first heard about our organization through attending Denton Bible Church, and after initially connecting to our mission and speaking with some of the staff members, she had a desire to join the team. Rachael has adjusted well to the environment here at Serve Denton, and we foresee a flourishing future with her as part of our organization.

Rachael received her Bachelor’s of Social Work and Sociology from The University of North Texas in December 2013 and her Master’s of Social Work from The University of Texas at Arlington in December 2014.

“My vision for Serve Denton is that it becomes an organization that revolutionizes how services are delivered to the Denton community. The community benefits when services are delivered most effectively and efficiently,” Rachael said.

Originally from Covington, Texas, Rachael will be a wonderful asset to the Denton community as well as to the Serve Denton family.



Development Director: Rachael Sampson