The Heart Behind "The Ruth 'Betsy' Tandy Room"

As we approach The Wheeler House Grand Opening on March 28th, Serve Denton wants to highlight another impactful individual - Dr. Bettye Myers! She has been a part of the planning and preparation process for Serve Denton since the beginning. Having desired to get involved with a community organization like Serve Denton, Dr. Bettye decided to become a board member in 2001 for the Denton Assistance Center Project. Dr. Bettye Myers has greatly impacted the city of Denton ever since leaving Oklahoma to attend Texas State College for Women in 1943. After accepting a teaching job in 1961 at Texas State College for Women (Texas Woman’s University), Dr. Bettye met Dr. Ruth “Betsy” Tandy. Dr. Ruth was passionate about helping children excel in school. She accomplished this feat by pouring into her fellow teachers, aiding them with the proper teaching skills necessary to develop good citizens in such small bodies.

“Hundreds of Betsy’s former students loved her and appreciated how she helped them become who they are today and many wanted to have her name and memory live on in Denton,” Dr. Bettye told us. This is why she decided to name the activity room after her dear friend.

Further telling us her heart behind “The Ruth 'Betsy' Tandy Room,” Dr. Bettye said, “ I believe the homeless children who will be living in The Wheeler House need to know “joys” associated with childhood – particularly a “home” environment that is pleasant and a fun place to live.”

Dr. Bettye Myers has played an instrumental role in ensuring Dr. Ruth "Betsy" Tandy’s legacy lives on.

If you are interested in leaving a legacy for a cause you are passionate about as part of The Wheeler House family shelter and clinic, please visit our Contact Us page to request more information.


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