The Heart Behind "The Long Spoons Dining Room"

The Wheeler House will soon be celebrating its grand opening, and we wanted to share with you the story of a special person who helped make this place possible. To transform this building into a home, a few people in the community have contributed their legacy to the project and chosen names for some of the rooms. One of those remarkable people is Regina Willingham! Originally from Houston, Regina moved to Denton to attend UNT in 1988, where she now resides as a stay at home mom. She initially heard about Serve Denton after getting recommendations for nonprofits to get involved with. A Serve Denton booth at the holiday lighting festival caught her eye, and it is there she learned about The Wheeler House and its mission to transform the lives of homeless families. She knew she wanted to be involved.

By naming one of The Wheeler House rooms, Regina would be able to personally impact this facility with a touch of hope. Serve Denton asked Regina to name the dining room because she has been involved with such impactful projects such as Hunger in Focus (link to, and she has a heart for giving those who are fighting hunger and poverty a voice.

“I chose ‘The Long Spoons Dining Room’ because I had watched a video on the ‘Allegory of The Long Spoons’ and found that it in a really moving way, it just brought it all home,” Regina says about her choice for the dining room name. The Long Spoons parable suggests that if we use our resources to help each other, no one will go hungry.

As a visionary advocate to improve our community, we are honored to have Regina as a lasting part of The Wheeler House.

If you are interested in a leaving a legacy for a cause you are passionate about as part of The Wheeler House family shelter and clinic, please visit our Contact Us page to request more information.


Here is the inspirational video Regina saw that helped give birth to “The Long Spoons Dining Room” name: