Taking the First Step

Serve Denton is proud to announce the opening of its Assistance and Event Center, located at 1980 E. University Drive, Suite 201, Denton, Texas, 76209. On Tuesday, the center welcomed the first two tenants, Rising Star Resource Development Corporation and Big Brothers Big Sisters Denton County. Serve Denton’s goal for this Assistance Center is to provide a central location to help community members take steps toward self-sufficiency. By late 2015, the center will house nonprofit agencies that serve 19 different areas of need evident in our community. Community members may have needs in one, several or all of these areas, and the center will provide answers in one place.

By creating a nonprofit center, Serve Denton will help its tenant agencies not only save overhead costs but collaborate together to achieve self-sufficiency and success for their clients. Providing office space for just $1 rent a year and shared utilities, Serve Denton helps nonprofit agencies do more with the resources they have.

Through collaboration with community members and Denton-based nonprofit agencies, Serve Denton has developed an infographic that best explains the plan and purpose of co-locating these resources. The Self-Sufficiency Ladder visually depicts the 19 areas of needs, and the goal is for people to leave poverty and dependency for self-sufficiency by receiving help to “climb the ladder.” In reality, the rungs of the ladder represent the areas of need the agencies focus on and fulfill for the community. The rails of the ladder represent Serve Denton bringing those resources together.


As shown in the Self-Sufficiency Ladder, agencies will help community members fulfill their basic needs such as food, clothing and housing. As individuals climb the ladder, they take steps toward healthcare, education, employment and, ultimately, self-sufficiency. It doesn’t matter where on the ladder an individual starts. By fulfilling their needs, they are encouraged to continue the process toward independence.

The opening of the Assistance and Events Center is a great step toward putting into action the concept of the Self- Sufficiency Ladder. Not only will the areas of need be met, but they will do so in one location, relieving the individuals of the overwhelming feeling of finding help. The new tenants and their desire to see community members reach their maximum potential encourage us, and we look forward to more agencies relocating into the center.