How Does a Nonprofit Center Help Denton?

How Does a Nonprofit Center Help Denton?

The concept of nonprofit centers is relatively new. So it makes sense that most people have never heard of them or don’t quite understand them. More nonprofit centers are being built across North America right now and for good reason: they work.

From Homeless to Housed: A Success Story

From Homeless to Housed: A Success Story

I left Mississippi to come and live with my sister to seek better educational opportunities for my kids. After an argument with her, she put me out on the street with my babies. I was homeless in a place I had never even been to before. I found out about the shelter, Monsignor King Outreach Center (MKOC), and went to stay there instead of sleeping in my car with my babies.

Allison Engineering Group Named Business Partner of the Month

Allison Engineering Group Named Business Partner of the Month

We were honored to get the opportunity to name Allison Engineering Group as our Business Partner of the Month for December!

In May 2018, Lee Allison, Owner of Allison Engineering Group, offered his civil design services pro bono for the construction of the Denton Community Food Center building on the Serve Denton campus.

Help us Welcome My Health My Resources - Early Childhood Services

Help us Welcome My Health My Resources - Early Childhood Services

We are so excited to welcome My Health My Resources - Early Childhood Services to the Serve Denton Center as our newest partner agency!

They will provide Early Childhood Intervention for children ages birth to 36 months-old who have developmental delays and disabilities as well as in-home support services for children ages 0–6 years-old through their HOPES program.

Local Leaders: Heather Hutmacher of Big Brothers Big Sisters

Local Leaders: Heather Hutmacher of Big Brothers Big Sisters

There is no shortage of hardworking nonprofit professionals in and around Denton County. In fact, many of these pros share a building with us. To recognize our partners and discuss how they Serve Denton, we decided to launch a recurring series about our Local Leaders.

Five Ways to Check a Nonprofit

Five Ways to Check a Nonprofit

When you donate to a nonprofit, you want your hard earned money to be used wisely – to really make an impact and help those in need. We want to help you confirm that.

This article will help you answer the question, “Which nonprofit should I donate to?” There are five awesome resources you can use to learn more about the financials, programs and results of your favorite nonprofit organizations.

Use these tips to help you research a nonprofit organization before you give.

5 Star Rental Named Business Partner of the Month

5 Star Rental Named Business Partner of the Month

We were honored to get the opportunity to name 5 Star Rental as our Business Partner of the Month for May! 5 Star Rental has been a supporter of Serve Denton since day one.

They have been an in-kind sponsor for Serve Denton’s annual gala, Celebration, for the past few years, donating tables, chairs, pipe and drape, silverware, napkins, vases and more. If you've ever been a part of Celebration, you know it takes a team to pull it off, and they eagerly join in every year. They were a major in-kind sponsor for this year's Celebration, which helped Serve Denton put on a successful event.

Nonprofit Centers & Why They Exist

Nonprofit Centers & Why They Exist

Serve Denton operates two nonprofit centers in Denton, TX, which provide low-cost space and collaborative opportunities to nonprofit agencies in the health and human services industry. We are not alone in our efforts, there are almost 400 known nonprofit centers in the U.S. and Canada! Together our sector occupies 13.75 million square feet, houses 28,000 employees and serves 99,000 people per week. The majority of the information and the studies below are from Nonprofit Centers Network. To find out more about them, click HERE.

Serve Denton Has Some Exciting News!

Denton Calvary Academy, Denton Bible Church, and Serve Denton have reached an agreement that will advance each organization’s mission!

Denton Calvary Academy (DCA) has agreed to purchase all the property on the west side of Nottingham Drive and W. University Drive from Denton Bible Church (DBC).

Serve Denton currently leases a 32,000 square foot building on this property with a 20- year lease from Denton Bible Church. The agreement includes a significant termination fee that DCA will pay Serve Denton. This will enable Serve Denton to pursue other real estate options to advance its mission of supporting nonprofits that open doors for people in need to become self-sufficient. Serve Denton has formed a search committee to look for other potential properties to purchase, renovate and operate in a similar manner to what it does at its present facility.

As part of this agreement, Denton Bible Church will transfer the ownership of The Wheeler House to Serve Denton. This facility provides space for healthcare services, homeless street outreach, and transitional housing for women and children in need. Since Serve Denton has been staffing and operating the facility since its initial opening, the transfer of ownership gives Serve Denton more latitude for development and expansion of that mission. This transfer represents a significant gift to Serve Denton.

Concurrently, Pat Smith, Serve Denton’s Executive Director, has been generously loaned to the organization by Denton Bible Church for over two and a half years. He has given notice of his desire to step aside so the board of directors can hire a full-time executive director. A search committee composed of Tim Crouch, Larry Parker and Rebecca Stanley will lead the effort. Pat Smith is deeply committed to Serve Denton’s success and will remain a board member. The board anticipates making a hiring decision by March. Pat will remain the executive director until someone is hired and assumes that position.

For more information about Serve Denton, email

For more information about Denton Calvary Academy, email or visit

For more information about Denton Bible Church, email or visit

Serve Denton Welcomes Four New Board Members

Serve Denton is excited to welcome four new board members to the 2017 Serve Denton board of directors! The new board members include Cynthia Foster, Roxanne Del Rio, Desiree Patterson and Charles Crouch. Safran HR Manager Cynthia Foster has been a contributing member on the Serve Denton Communication Committee in 2016 as an independent and critical thinker. Roxanne Del Rio is the North Central Texas College Dean of Strategic Student Initiatives & Multicultural Outreach. Roxanne’s relationship building, follow-through, and problem-solving skills will be real assets to the Serve Denton team. The Crouch Group Account Executive Charles Crouch was previously the Serve Denton student board member and has now accepted a full position on the board of directors. Desiree Patterson, a Sports Nutrition graduate student from Texas Woman’s University is an honors student and the new student board member. Desiree is passionate about research and helping people make lifestyle changes to live better lives. We are so pleased to have these individuals on our team!

Additionally, Serve Denton also appointed a new chair, vice chairs and treasurer for the upcoming year! The Crouch Group President, Tim Crouch, is the new Board Chair. Tim Crouch has served on the board since our inception and continues to be a Serve Denton advocate. Denton Depot Owner Larry Parker moved up from Second Vice Chair to First Vice Chair. Guaranty Bank & Trust Vice President of Marketing Michele Barber is the new Second Vice Chair. DATCU Chief Financial Officer Melanie Vest is the new Treasurer.

We are looking forward to a great year full of a powerful and positive future! We now have 41 board members who are experts in many different fields such as banking, legal work, government, ministry and education. Thank you to the new and existing board members for your willingness to serve the community in this unique way. For the full list of board members, click the button below:

Shop Serve Denton & Save Big

Serve Denton is partnering with to present “Shop Serve Denton!” This is an opportunity for people to save between 50 and 75 percent on online products from places such as Amazon, Best Buy and Target. is a charitable initiative of Discount Truckloads, a business that receives customer returns, closeouts, overstocks, shelf pulls and clearance items from big retailers. You might be familiar with AmazonSmile, which is the same Amazon you know and love, but you get to choose a charity for a portion of your purchase to benefit! Serve Denton is currently one of the almost one million charities signup up for this program, but nonprofits only receive 0.5 percent of each sale minus rebates, taxes or service charges. This is where unloads their generosity. donates 10 percent of the proceeds from each sale to a charity.

From Wednesday, November 9, 2016, through Sunday, January 15, 2017, Serve Denton is the beneficiary! There are fifteen product categories such as toys & video games; electronics & office supplies; kitchen & household items; and sports, fitness & outdoors. This is a great opportunity to buy Christmas gifts at significantly discounted rates while supporting a local nonprofit at the same time!

Visit to browse the selection of items, which is constantly being updated when new truckloads arrive. For more information about Shop Serve Denton, contact Priscilla Sanders at


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Welcome Born2BFree to the Serve Denton Family!

We are very excited to announce Born2BFree is officially our newest partner agency! They teach teens and young adults important life skills so they can better transition from the teenage and young adult years to a life equipped with self-confidence. Born2BFree was established in 2009 and received their 501(c)(3) status in October 2013. Their goal is to come alongside parents, churches, schools and universities to provide social, spiritual and emotional support for teens and young adults.

Our goal is to see young men and women set free from the negative influences of peer pressure, gangs, drugs, alcohol and other temptations so that they may develop more positive lifestyles as they gain new friends and mentors to encourage them in their daily lives.”

Born2BFree Executive Director, Priscilla Brooks, said they previously leased an office in Denton, but it was primarily funded through her own personal funds. When she transitioned from her full-time job as the senior paralegal at the Criminal District Attorney’s office to working full time with Born2Bfree, they had to downsize to working from home. Priscilla said, “This is another reason why Serve Denton is such a blessing for us.”

One way Born2BFree carries out their mission is through hosting FREE workshops, conferences and activities for those ages 13-35 years old. Some events are age specific while others are gender specific. These conferences allow professionals in the community, such as pastors, counselors, staff at schools and colleges, to share their knowledge and connect with these young people. The settings at the events are friendly and open while still allowing for the teens and young adults to connect with like-minded people their age.

There are plenty of success stories that come from Born2BFree’s efforts, one being of a young man who faced truancy violations, dropping out of school early. He didn’t value his education in the least. He was exposed to positive role models at Born2BFree, where he was also connected with other nonprofit organizations. These relationships proved successful, giving him the encouragement he needed to start school again. He gained the self-confidence to not give up on himself, which led him to schedule to take the SAT test and visit several college campuses. We are happy to say he is scheduled to graduate in June 2017!

When speaking about the benefits of partnering with Serve Denton, Priscilla said, “Born2BFree is excited about collaborating with the other nonprofit organizations connected with Serve Denton…We will also be able to better serve young people once we have an office space to accommodate our needs in order to expand our services and move full speed ahead.”

To connect with Born2BFree, visit their website by clicking the button below, email or call 940-239-2660.


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Lunch with a Leader Podcast

We interviewed Amber Shattuck from Communities in Schools North Texas to talk about a new mentoring program coming to Denton called Lunch with a Leader, which focuses on leadership development in a small group atmosphere. If you want to get involved, email Amber at

Fatherhood at Its Finest: The “Fatherhood Effect”

How do we learn to parent? Many times, we learn as we go. So NewDay Services steps in as a support system!

Their mission is to rebuild children’s lives by helping their fathers gain the tools they need to redirect their lives. And they are starting a new program called The “Fatherhood Effect” Project.

This program is really three-fold and highly focused on prevention. They aim to find fathers before they enter the system, fathers who may lack the necessary tools to be a successful parent, and fathers who love their child/ children and want to become a better dad.

The heart behind this program is to improve the lives of children. When dads are involved, children are:

• 39% more likely to get A's in school • 45% less likely to repeat a grade • 60% less likely to be expelled from school • 75% less likely to have a teen birth • 80% less likely to spend time in jail

Dads, guardians and male caregivers are invited to join the class for free! The program consists of a weekly 2.5-hour class at Serve Denton and additional mentoring (starting the middle of June). The class will be a place of encouragement where men will share their experiences, learn skills, and learn the importance of being an involved dad. 

Marc Thompson and David Taylor will be facilitating the class, and they invite you to contact them with any questions! You can contact Marc at (940)-500-0055 or and David at (940)-500-0089 or You can also stop by to visit them at the Serve Denton office. They are there Monday through Friday ready to help!