Welcome Born2BFree to the Serve Denton Family!

We are very excited to announce Born2BFree is officially our newest partner agency! They teach teens and young adults important life skills so they can better transition from the teenage and young adult years to a life equipped with self-confidence. Born2BFree was established in 2009 and received their 501(c)(3) status in October 2013. Their goal is to come alongside parents, churches, schools and universities to provide social, spiritual and emotional support for teens and young adults.

Our goal is to see young men and women set free from the negative influences of peer pressure, gangs, drugs, alcohol and other temptations so that they may develop more positive lifestyles as they gain new friends and mentors to encourage them in their daily lives.”

Born2BFree Executive Director, Priscilla Brooks, said they previously leased an office in Denton, but it was primarily funded through her own personal funds. When she transitioned from her full-time job as the senior paralegal at the Criminal District Attorney’s office to working full time with Born2Bfree, they had to downsize to working from home. Priscilla said, “This is another reason why Serve Denton is such a blessing for us.”

One way Born2BFree carries out their mission is through hosting FREE workshops, conferences and activities for those ages 13-35 years old. Some events are age specific while others are gender specific. These conferences allow professionals in the community, such as pastors, counselors, staff at schools and colleges, to share their knowledge and connect with these young people. The settings at the events are friendly and open while still allowing for the teens and young adults to connect with like-minded people their age.

There are plenty of success stories that come from Born2BFree’s efforts, one being of a young man who faced truancy violations, dropping out of school early. He didn’t value his education in the least. He was exposed to positive role models at Born2BFree, where he was also connected with other nonprofit organizations. These relationships proved successful, giving him the encouragement he needed to start school again. He gained the self-confidence to not give up on himself, which led him to schedule to take the SAT test and visit several college campuses. We are happy to say he is scheduled to graduate in June 2017!

When speaking about the benefits of partnering with Serve Denton, Priscilla said, “Born2BFree is excited about collaborating with the other nonprofit organizations connected with Serve Denton…We will also be able to better serve young people once we have an office space to accommodate our needs in order to expand our services and move full speed ahead.”

To connect with Born2BFree, visit their website by clicking the button below, email or call 940-239-2660.


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Lunch with a Leader Podcast

We interviewed Amber Shattuck from Communities in Schools North Texas to talk about a new mentoring program coming to Denton called Lunch with a Leader, which focuses on leadership development in a small group atmosphere. If you want to get involved, email Amber at

BBBS Success Story!

Little Sister, Kylor, and Big Sister, Diana, have been together for over a year and a half now enjoying many fun memories! The first time they met at Serve Denton in December 2014, Kylor was sporting a furry Russian Kubanka hat and brought cookies to share. Her Big Sister, Diana, studies at TWU where she is pursuing a PhD in Women’s Studies. She chose to become a mentor through BBBS after meeting another Big and their Little and seeing the impact she herself could make in a child’s life.  

Hitting it off from the beginning, they still have fun engaging in community events twice a month. Some of the activities include visiting the Denton Community Market, trips to Barnes & Noble, manicures, going to the movies, baking, bowling, playing with Diana’s pets and much more! During their time, Diana has helped Kylor improve her Spanish and has only added to Kylor’s confidence and self-esteem.

After the one-year mark, Heather Hutmacher, a BBBS staff member, asked the question, “What does Big Brothers Big Sisters mean to you?”

Kylor’s mother shared, "It's an opportunity to expose Kylor to other people like her Big Sister who are pursuing their doctorates, setting an example for Kylor that she can be a doctor too."

Kylor’s Big Sister, Diana, replied, “My Little makes me laugh and reminds me of the very important message that it takes a village to raise a child. I am happy to be a part of that village."

We are so proud to partner with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Denton County! They are doing BIG things for the youth here in Denton. Apply to become a Big by clicking the button below.