Grace Like Rain Emergency Shelter at The Wheeler House

Grace Like Rain Emergency Shelter at The Wheeler House

We are delighted to announce a new partnership with Grace Like Rain to open an emergency shelter at The Wheeler House!

Grace Like Rain, based in Denton, works to help individuals who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. The organization’s vision is to provide moms and dads of young children a helping hand in times of crisis and homelessness

100 Served at The Wheeler House!

100 Served at The Wheeler House!

The Wheeler House has reached a huge milestone. Since opening in 2015, 100 moms and kids have been served through The Wheeler House! This would not have been possible without YOU. Because of your donations, gifts, volunteer hours and support The Wheeler House is a safe place for moms and their kids who have fallen on hard times.

Where to Get FREE Meals for Your Kids This Summer

Where to Get FREE Meals for Your Kids This Summer

Did you know more than 13 million children in the United States are food insecure? And with school out for the summer, those kids no longer have guaranteed meals — breakfast and lunch. 

Thankfully, every year compiles a list of all the free meals served over the summer for kids ages 18 and under! Just go to and type in your zip code or text "FoodTx" to 877-877.

Welcome our Newest Tenant: TruExpansion!

Welcome our Newest Tenant: TruExpansion!

Serve Denton is excited to welcome a new nonprofit tenant: TruExpansion Foundation! Their mission is to teach and demonstrate personal development, life skills and wellness to youth. TruExpansion was founded in 2001 by Tawanna Rucker, a certified professional life coach and licensed wellness specialist who concentrates on youth development. The organization has four programs that aim to empower youth through encouraging self-confidence, building on strengths, improving self-confidence, and teaching life skills.

The Serve Denton Mission Coming to Life

Serve Denton currently partners with ten local nonprofits with NewDay Services being one of those! They started officing with us back in June of 2014 and have made a significant impact in our community.  

What is The Fatherhood EFFECT Program?


In 2016, they expanded their programs in Denton and began the Fatherhood EFFECT program. The Fatherhood EFFECT stands for Educating Fathers for Empowering Children Tomorrow. This is a partnership between the Department of Family and Protective Services, Prevention & Early Intervention Division (PEI) and NewDay Services for Children & Families.

The purpose of this program is to help fathers and other family members improve their relationships with their children, family sustainability, and to increase their economic stability. This is done by connecting the fathers and other family members to a variety of community services and through intensive mentor-navigator engagement provided by NewDay Services.


The Impact of the Program


Since starting the program in Denton, they have served 20 dads, which has positively affected 48 kids in our community. Their Fort Worth program has served 58 dads, affecting 81 kids. Altogether, NewDay Services has made an impact on 78 dads and 129 kiddos solely with their Fatherhood EFFECT program! 


Michael's Story


NewDay Services began working with Michael (name changed to protect privacy) at the beginning of October. At that time, he was unemployed, without a vehicle and struggling to pay his rent. Marc Thompson and David Taylor with NewDay Services stepped in to help connect Michael with a permanent job so he could start consistently paying rent. He now has a plan in place to purchase a vehicle by early 2017 and move out of the extended stay hotel his family has been staying in with his wife and four children. They are on a really positive path as a family but are still struggling to pay for anything other than necessities, such as Christmas gifts.


How Subaru Got Involved


This December, Huffines Subaru hosted a toy drive for Serve Denton as part of their "Share the Love" campaign. In turn, Serve Denton was able to give many of the toys to NewDay Services to pass along to this family for Christmas. We loaded them up with Star Wars Legos, a coloring book & pencils, family games, and other items to fill their Christmas with some normalcy this year.

This is the perfect example of how people can become self-sufficient when agencies are willing to collaborate together! The Serve Denton mission is coming to life more and more every day. For more information about NewDay Services, email Marc Thompson at

Parks Foundation Provides Scholarships for Wheeler House Kids

There are currently 11 kids living at The Wheeler House ranging in ages from one to 14 years old. The Denton Parks Foundation stepped in to provide ongoing scholarships for these kids to attend their programs all year round! The shift to an indoor childhood has accelerated in the past decade, with huge declines in spontaneous outdoor activities such as bike riding, swimming and touch football, according to the National Sporting Goods Association.

Surveys by the Kaiser Family Foundation and the CDC found that a child is six times more likely to play a video game on a typical day than to ride a bike.

These statistics show the importance of getting our kids to play outside and enjoy the outdoors. The Denton Parks Foundation has stepped in to help with this.

The Denton Parks Foundation organizes the Fourth of July Liberty Run; Paddle, Pound & Pedal Challenge; Reindeer Romp; and plenty of other programs. They head up an ongoing project that allows people to purchase trees in memory of someone, living or deceased, to be planted in Legacy Forest. The Lake Forest Park on Ryan Road, commonly known as the “Dog Park,” is also a project of theirs!

They kept two summer camps from shutting down due to a federal funding cut by raising $20,000 so kids from low-income families wouldn’t have to miss out on the opportunity to develop problem-solving skills, build self-esteem, life skills and pro-social behaviors.

"The building blocks of self-esteem are belonging, learning, and contributing. Camps offer unique opportunities for children to succeed in these three vital areas and even beyond home and school,” said Michael Popkin, Ph.D., family therapist and founder of Active Parenting.

The Denton Parks Foundation serves our community well by making our city beautiful, but also generously providing a way for the little ones at The Wheeler House to experience the beauties of childhood. 

For more information about The Wheeler House, click on the button below. To contact the Denton Parks Foundation, email their executive director Molly Tampke at