Why Youth & Family Counseling Partners with Serve Denton

Why Youth & Family Counseling Partners with Serve Denton

We decided to interview one of our partner agencies, Youth & Family Counseling, to learn a little bit more about their services! Did you know mental health is the #1 need for children in Denton County? This is a big reason why they decided to open a second location in Northern Denton County, right here at Serve Denton!

More Employed in Denton County

Denton is in a labor-short fall, which means we don’t have enough qualified people to fill the available jobs. There is such a demand for people with talent and skill that companies are waiting to find the right candidates. There are also plenty of people who currently have a job, but want to move on to a better opportunity. Then there are some who have recently been laid off or have been job searching for far too long. The Denton Community Job Fair worked to solve these problems by connecting qualified job applicants with top-notch companies.


There were 167 job seekers who visited with 28 hiring employers and nonprofit agencies. How did they say it went? Well, we sent out a survey to get some feedback, and we were more than pleased with the results.

Twenty-five percent of the people had an on-spot interview, and two people were hired the day of the event. A handful of people were hired at a later date or had interviews set up for later on. Most people left with three to nine leads, and a few even left with TEN leads. Over seventy percent of the job seekers rated the event very good or excellent, and over seventy percent of the hiring employers rated the quality of candidates a 4 or 5 on a 5-point scale.


One bank had fourteen qualified candidates, and UNT had as many as eleven job openings. One company had been waiting a FULL year to find a bilingual therapist, and thank goodness for the job fair because they finally found one - The perfect candidate for the job!

If you are still looking for a job, UPS and Sonic told us they are constantly hiring, so give them a call or check out their websites for available positions.


We look forward to putting on this event again next year! If you would like to be involved as a hiring employer or sponsor, please email, and we will make sure information is sent your way. If you attended the job fair and have suggestions for next year, please let us know by using the email above.


Connecting Those Who Need Jobs With Job Openings

There are around 728,000 people in Denton County, with an unemployment rate of 3.2% (April 2015). This means about 23,322 people are unemployed. And when we say people, we could be talking about your aunt, best friend, neighbor or the man you just walked across the crosswalk with. Serve Denton is entering into this space by providing a job fair for the Denton community. The purpose of this event is to connect people who need jobs with businesses who have job openings!

Local nonprofit agencies like Vision Ministries, Health Services of North Texas and Giving Hope, Inc. will also attend the job fair to provide information about their services to job seekers. These local businesses and nonprofit agencies will be giving 20-minute seminars throughout the day on topics like Banking 101; Your Resume is a Marketing Tool, Not a Biography; How to Apply & Interview for Jobs; and Getting a Job with a Troubled Past. There will also be an interview room on-site for employers to go through the interview process with applicants. The faster we can help people find jobs, the better.

We want all job seekers to be able to take part in this event, so there is no cost to attend. Job seekers are encouraged to dress professionally and bring plenty of copies of their resume!

For more information about the job fair and sponsorship opportunities, please click on the button below or email Joye Williams at

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