The Schmitz Family Donates $250,000 to Fight Food Insecurity

The Schmitz Family Donates $250,000 to Fight Food Insecurity

The Schmitz Family has committed to donating $250,000 to Serve Denton to name the Denton Community Food Center (DCFC) building on the Serve Denton campus, “The Schmitz Family Building: Denton Community Food Center.”

The Denton Community Food Center Receives $30,000 from PointBank

The Denton Community Food Center Receives $30,000 from PointBank

PointBank President Ray David, Jr. and PointBank have committed to donating $30,000 to the Serve Denton Capital Campaign. The Denton Community Food Center waiting room will be sponsored by PointBank, and will be named after Ray David’s mother and stepfather, Bill and Linda Brady.

What is our Circle of Support?

What is our Circle of Support?

You’ve probably heard us talk about it, but what is the Circle of Support? Circle of Support is Serve Denton’s monthly giving program!

Created in November 2016, Circle of Support donations help welcome multiple new nonprofits to our building so we can exponentially increase the number of people and families that are served at the Serve Denton Center.

Five Ways to Check a Nonprofit

Five Ways to Check a Nonprofit

When you donate to a nonprofit, you want your hard earned money to be used wisely – to really make an impact and help those in need. We want to help you confirm that.

This article will help you answer the question, “Which nonprofit should I donate to?” There are five awesome resources you can use to learn more about the financials, programs and results of your favorite nonprofit organizations.

Use these tips to help you research a nonprofit organization before you give.

The World Seemed Right That Day

There are just some people in life that amaze you. The people who are given nothing and are thankful for everything. The people who care for their families so selflessly without much concern for themselves. The ones who keep fighting even when life seems to be against them. One of the moms who moved out of The Wheeler House this last month is one of those people for us.


Giving Hope, Inc. works primarily with the families at The Wheeler House. We help run the facility and occasionally get the joy of interacting with the families. When this family moved to Texas, they had little to nothing. The truck that they had was repossessed because they were late on their payment due to lack of resources. Not only was their vehicle taken from them, but the Christmas gifts they had been given were in the back of the car.

As you can imagine, this was devastating to this family.

They moved here hoping for a fresh start and new opportunities. They eventually found that here in North Texas. During their stay at The Wheeler House, Giving Hope, Inc. worked with the mom to help her find a job, childcare and other necessary resources the family needed. This family found hope, understanding and love from these staff members at Giving Hope, Inc. After staying at The Wheeler House for six months, they were able to move into a place of their own. They rejoiced as they sat around their first dining room table to have a meal.

The Barrier 

There was still one major barrier for this family – their lack of transportation. To take her kids to childcare, to go to work, to get groceries, this mom had to take all of her kids with her on a bus or walk if it was close enough. She did this without complaining, doing whatever she needed to do to take care of her family.

The Gift

This last week, one of our donors contacted us to let us know they wanted to donate their car to us. This was perfect timing. We knew right away where that car was meant to go. On Saturday, July 23, the Serve Denton staff pulled the car up to the family’s home. She thought we were coming over to bring her some paperwork, little did she know what was waiting for her!

As she walked outside, she tried to figure out what was happening. Right when she turned the corner, she saw the black car by the curb, and she burst into tears! It was one of those times where the world seemed to be right, even just for a moment. She cried as she sat in the driver’s seat, leaning her head against the wheel and thanking God for this gift.

She said the first trip her family was going to make was to church the next morning.

A Way of Life Changed

This family’s way of life will change because of the generosity of one person, who gave to Serve Denton, and allowed us the blessing of giving this gift to a family in need.

This helps lighten the load for Giving Hope Inc. because they had been having to help with a lot of transportation during these past months when a bus route wasn’t an option. This allows them to be freed up to help other clients.

This was the fruit of collaboration between agencies and the generosity of the Denton community.