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Anyone is Susceptible to Trafficking

Refuge for Women hosted their Impact Gathering on Thursday, March 3 where experts addressed the challenges we face in North Texas regarding those exploited in the sex industry. Ked Frank, founder and president of the National Refuge for Women located in Kentucky, started off by speaking about the future of the organization. He spoke about the 12-month program women go through to begin the healing process in order to become re-integrated into society.

There are plans to open a safe house in Denton, TX in the next 12 months, and there is a big push to raise funds for it. It will take approximately $300,000 to support the women they plan on taking in for one year.

Refuge for Women is holding a celebration dinner on Saturday, April 23 to focus on raising funds to support this safe house. They will have 30 tables; each table costing $500 and seating 10 people.

Jessica Neely, a survivor of sex trafficking, also spoke. She talked about her experience of getting in and out of the sex industry – What a moving speech. Jessica and Ked discussed what the sex industry looks like in modern day America, and how that differs from what most people assume it looks like.

.Modern-day technology has phased out the need for women to stand on street corners to enter the trafficking industry. Jessica came from a wonderful family with loving parents and was extremely involved in her home church. A random act of events is what led her to become involved in the industry.

This is why it is important to educate the public about the dangers of human trafficking, and how anyone is susceptible to it.

For more information about Refuge for Women, please contact Lynnie Anderson, North Texas City Director of Refuge for Women, at: