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Local Leaders: Heather Hutmacher of Big Brothers Big Sisters

Local Leaders: Heather Hutmacher of Big Brothers Big Sisters

There is no shortage of hardworking nonprofit professionals in and around Denton County. In fact, many of these pros share a building with us. To recognize our partners and discuss how they Serve Denton, we decided to launch a recurring series about our Local Leaders.

BBBS Success Story!

Little Sister, Kylor, and Big Sister, Diana, have been together for over a year and a half now enjoying many fun memories! The first time they met at Serve Denton in December 2014, Kylor was sporting a furry Russian Kubanka hat and brought cookies to share. Her Big Sister, Diana, studies at TWU where she is pursuing a PhD in Women’s Studies. She chose to become a mentor through BBBS after meeting another Big and their Little and seeing the impact she herself could make in a child’s life.  

Hitting it off from the beginning, they still have fun engaging in community events twice a month. Some of the activities include visiting the Denton Community Market, trips to Barnes & Noble, manicures, going to the movies, baking, bowling, playing with Diana’s pets and much more! During their time, Diana has helped Kylor improve her Spanish and has only added to Kylor’s confidence and self-esteem.

After the one-year mark, Heather Hutmacher, a BBBS staff member, asked the question, “What does Big Brothers Big Sisters mean to you?”

Kylor’s mother shared, "It's an opportunity to expose Kylor to other people like her Big Sister who are pursuing their doctorates, setting an example for Kylor that she can be a doctor too."

Kylor’s Big Sister, Diana, replied, “My Little makes me laugh and reminds me of the very important message that it takes a village to raise a child. I am happy to be a part of that village."

We are so proud to partner with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Denton County! They are doing BIG things for the youth here in Denton. Apply to become a Big by clicking the button below.