Serve Denton With Your Creativity in the New Year

A new year brings new possibilities, opportunities, and resolutions that (admit it) we’ll all probably break at some point. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still strive to improve yourself and your community early and often in 2017, and volunteering is the perfect place to start. Maybe you’re looking for a new place to put in volunteer hours, or maybe you just want to mix things up a bit. There are endless ways to serve Denton, and as an artistic city, we pride ourselves on the theater, film, and music that happen all around us. As we welcome another trip around the sun, let’s highlight some ways to support and Denton arts in the new year.


The Campus Theatre

This historic bastion of Denton culture is always looking for helping hands on any number of the productions it puts on year-round. Interested in graphic design? Call, email (or walk to) the theatre and offer your assistance! What about costume creation or set construction? Those activities are available for volunteers, too! It’s almost always showtime at The Campus Theatre, and you can be a part of the big production


SCRAP Denton

This gem inspires Denton residents of all ages to adopt creative, environmentally friendly sustainable behaviors, and you can be a part of their ongoing mission to keep Denton and the world as green as possible. Help out in the store on Bell Avenue by assisting the team with organizing, packaging, and pricing, or join the community engagement and street team to spread the word about SCRAP! The environmental organization also allows volunteers to assist with birthday parties and other special events. To learn more about this unique nonprofit, visit their website at


Greater Denton Arts Council

Want to support Denton art but unsure of where to begin? GDAC is the place for you. Brush up your interpersonal skills while becoming an expert with the docent program, or volunteer to work at special events! If you’re up for it, the Council also accepts interns every semester. Learn more at



If none of the above do the trick for you, or if you want to support the arts but are too slammed to offer more than a weekend, then there are two festivals this spring that just might be the perfect fit for you.


Denton Arts and Jazz Festival

The Arts and Jazz Fest (April 28-30) is dedicated to introducing arts to children, and you can be a vital part of that mission by helping teach sculpture and drawing classes in the children’s art area! Go to to learn more about that and other service opportunities at the festival.


Thin Line Fest has a detailed list of all the diverse ways festival volunteers can lend a hand to this year’s free fest (April 19-23). Those opportunities include designing posters and other materials, assisting with venue management, helping with video and photography at the event itself, and many more! The ever-evolving Thin Line merges photography with music and film to put on the ultimate art show, and you can merge your specific skill set with your passion for local and national art to help put on one heck of a show!

Denton will keep on hummin’ (and painting and filming) in 2017, and the time is now for you to be a part of the music! While you think about those resolutions, remember to consider the many ways you can give back to our town.


Blog Author: Serve Denton Communication Committee Member Tyler Hicks