Serve Denton Welcomes Community Services Inc.

We are so excited to welcome Community Services, Inc. as our newest nonprofit tenant! Founded in 1966, Community Services Inc. is committed to helping clients through confidential case management, direct coordination of resources, support services, and peer celebration activities.

Community Services, Inc. formed in response to the federal administration’s declaration of war on poverty, which means their organization has been providing services to individuals, families and the communities it serves for almost 50 years. As a community action agency, they have helped thousands of individuals and families achieve home stability, realize educational dreams and satisfy basic life needs.


Some of their programs include:

Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program (CEAP) - This is a utility assistance program designed to assist low income households in meeting their immediate energy needs. Additionally, CEAP is intended to encourage consumers to control energy costs for years to come through energy education. Both homeowners and renters are eligible to apply for funds. Program eligibility and payment amounts are determined by family size and gross annual household income. While not intended to cover the entire cost of annual home heating, CEAP can alleviate some of the financial burden.

Community Services Block Grant/Direct Services Support (CSBG) - This is the federal government’s most far-reaching grant in its War on Poverty. CSBG is designed to allow organizations the flexibility to use these funds that best enhances the growth of the individuals and communities they serve. Funds can be used to provide rent assistance, tuition and books, as well as emergency food. CSBG assistance is also used to help in the transitioning of individuals and families out of poverty and become self-sufficient.

Weatherization Assistance forLow-Income Persons (WALFIP) - This program is designed to assist low-income clients with controlling home energy costs by providing weatherization of homes and education. Weatherization can come in the form of insulation, caulking, window and door replacement and/or repair, as well as repair or replacing heating and cooling units.

Learn more about Community Service, Inc.’s programs by clicking the button below.


Their Mission

Community Services, Inc. strives to provide needed support with empathy and concern for those they serve and is committed to assisting clients to become self-reliant and alleviating the debilitating effects of poverty. Through their various programs, Community Services, Inc. provides assistance to low-income individuals and families that allow the development and growth of clients through education, utility support, home energy efficiency and transportation.

In 2014, Community Services, Inc. helped over 15,400 individuals and 5,200 families with their combined programs and ancillary services. Their service area includes up to 15 Texas counties, depending on the program. Community Services, Inc. was previously located in Lewisville, TX, but will now office at Serve Denton full time. They expect to save around $25,000 a year by relocating to our office!

Their Excitement

Community Services, Inc. will not only save money by officing with Serve Denton, but will also save clients’ time. Closer to the Denton County seat, their new location will provide convenience to their clients. Community Services Inc. learned about Serve Denton through working with Denton-based nonprofits such as Our Daily Bread, New Hope, and Interfaith Ministries.

On the topic of relocating to Serve Denton, Community Services, Inc. President & CEO Daniel Edwards said:

“We at CSI believe it is strategic partnerships with other service providers such as Serve Denton that undergirds the service delivery process to the many recipients of the services offered. We are humbled to have engaged such a unique agency and look forward to a productive relationship.”

We are so excited to welcome Community Services, Inc. to the team. We can’t wait to see the change they will bring to our community! Learn more about Community Services Inc. by clicking the button below.