MDOC Successes & Failures

Last year, we raised over 26,000 pounds of food for Mayor’s Day of Concern for the Hungry in the city of Denton alone, and this year we raised 22,107 pounds of food county-wide. So what was the disconnect? First, let’s discuss the successes!

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 11.56.16 AMWhile we didn’t collect more food than last year, we still raised over 22,000 pounds of food to benefit our hungry neighbors! That is a huge success. We were also able to give significant amounts of food to organizations that were in serious need, like MHMR and H.O.P.E. Lastly, we had some fantastic, committed volunteers who spent their Saturday sorting the donated food. Because there were 50 volunteers, the sorting took half the time as last year.

Now for the failures...

This year, our aim was to enable the Denton Hunger Coalition to head up the event, but the Serve Denton team failed to delegate tasks and struggled to communicate.

We also rebranded the event, hoping to connect it more closely to the Denton Hunger Coalition instead of Serve Denton. By adding “with the Denton Hunger Coalition” under the new logo, we hoped that would help with the connection.

13048108_1753182311568004_4947454187400218888_oOne of the main components to Mayor’s Day of Concern is the competition aspect. Banks, schools and other industries compete against each other to see who will collect the most food. The winners are then recognized with a plaque at the press conference with Mayor Watts.

Our goal for next year is to really PUSH that aspect in our marketing campaign. If we do, we will probably have more contributing partners, which was one of the problems we had this year.

On the Serve Denton side, we had a turnover with the staff member in charge of the event. This led to a loss of communication. We asked Marc Thompson, a former Serve Denton staff member who led the event in 2015, his thoughts about the 2016 event. He said in 2015, “The success was really simple. It came down to engagement, follow-up, prospecting, delegation and drive for results.”

 For next year, we will focus more on those five aspects to set ourselves up for success!

For more information about Mayor’s Day of Concern for the Hungry, contact our Collaboration Program Manager Katelynn Blasavage at