Joe Gets Back on His Feet

The Serve Denton Center has been open for a few months now, and we are already seeing nonprofits partnering together to help our neighbors in need!

Part of the Serve Denton mission and vision is to provide affordable office space to nonprofit agencies, but also to provide a place where agencies can collaborate.

We are always so excited to hear success stories of nonprofits partnering together, so we wanted to share one of the stories with you.


Joe's Journey

Joe (pseudonym) currently lives at a local shelter and signed himself up for NewDay Services' Fatherhood EFFECT program, a class designed to help fathers become more involved in the lives of their children.


The class takes place at the Serve Denton Center, and while he was here, he mentioned he recently got a new job. However…

The only clothes he had were the ones on his back—a sweatsuit. It was over 90 degrees that day.

Joe at Vision Ministries in his new clothes for his first day of work.

Joe at Vision Ministries in his new clothes for his first day of work.

We called Vision Ministries, and thankfully, they had business clothes in his size!

NewDay Services drove him over and got him set up with a pair of clothes for his first day of work. 

NewDay Services also asked our partner agency, Community Services, Inc., if they could help.

They were able to gift him with a $250 gift card to Walmart to pick out a completely new wardrobe for his job!

The next week, Joe saw a struggling woman with her car hood lifted up at 7-Eleven. He offered to help her out and drove her car back to her house to make sure she got back safely. After talking, he found out she was trying to get rid of the car. By the end of their time together, she graciously gifted him her car!

Within two-weeks, Joe now has a job, a new wardrobe, a car and is growing to become a better dad.

And this is just one individual. 

Thank you for making the Serve Denton Center a reality so stories like this can be made possible! If you would like to learn more about the Serve Denton Center, please click on the button below.