January Update

Serve Denton has had a busy and rewarding start of the year. January was filled with collaboration, one of our three main goals. We are excited to recap last month’s events with you. Children’s Area Charette:

A charette is an intense design and planning activity, and we held our very own on January 15th. Serve Denton will apply for a $150,000 Speedway Children’s Charity Grant, and this event helped us prepare for the grant proposal.

Board Secretary Pat Smith was the moderator, and with the help of attendees, we were able to gather useful information as well as creatively design the children’s drop-off area that will be built if we receive this grant.

Participants felt the planning meeting went well and by the end of the day, a draft of the design, a floor plan and renderings were complied to help the start of the grant writing.

Collaboration Workshop:

Serve Denton hosted the 3rd Collaboration Luncheon and we had an excellent attendance. Eighteen nonprofits were represented at the workshop and after sharing a meal together, participated in an activity that evaluated a survey for CAReS (Client-Agency Referral System) The survey will be used to show clients their progress over time towards self-sufficiency. Collaboration Director Heather Quinn shared updates and as well as encouraged the attendees with our building progress. At this event, we also revealed to the nonprofits the large cooler that will be in the new building, that they will be able to share for perishable food storage.

Contractor’s Luncheon:

Serve Denton is looking forward to renovations to the assistance and event center that will be taking place over the next several months. In order for this task to start and be completed, it will take the help of many. On January 29th, contractors from the Denton area were invited to a luncheon hosted by Serve Denton to discuss these renovations and various opportunities to be involved.

The contractors were taken on tours of the building to see the vision for the center and what is needed to bring it to reality. After the tours, Serve Denton volunteers Don Lynch and Mark Madewell served a delicious lunch.

We were encouraged by the amount of attendees as well as the conversations and support that was shown at this luncheon. We are looking forward to the guidance and help from those talented individuals who showed an interest in being a part of the renovation phases.

Board Member Retreat:

Serve Denton hosted the annual Board Member Retreat at the Milestone, on January 30th. The productive day consisted of round table activities, strategic planning, and a presentation by Kerry Goree on sharing the Serve Denton story.

One of the benefits of having this annual retreat is the opportunity to have as many of our board members together as possible to review and discuss the direction of Serve Denton. This retreat did just that and allowed for collaboration between members and as a group to evaluate and help move Serve Denton into this next calendar year.

The day was concluded with two testimonies that encouraged and reminded all participants the purpose of Serve Denton. Dennis Edwards from Rising Star (a local nonprofit seeking to be a tenant at Serve Denton), and community member Greg Webb (currently homeless and transitioning to a new apartment) shared why Serve Denton is needed in the Denton community and in their own lives.

We are starting this year off encouraged and thankful for all the support and guidance we have from the community!