How Our Community GAVE Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, Serve Denton organized a community-wide volunteer project to GIVE Thanksgiving meals! George Dunham, a local musician from The Bird Dogs, approached our executive director, Pat Smith, about organizing a fundraiser for Serve Denton. That simple idea ended up touching many people’s lives. George and The Bird Dogs performed at LSA Burger Co. on November 19 in a joint effort to help raise money for Thanksgiving meals and Serve Denton. Pat appreciated the offer, but told him he wanted all of the money to go towards other people this holiday season. So on Thanksgiving Day, LSA Burger Co, Rudy’s BBQ and Barley & Board prepared gourmet Thanksgiving meals comprised of a turkey, sides and dessert. Local residents then volunteered to deliver these meals to fifteen pre-identified families in our community!    IMG_8677

City Council Member Greg Johnson and his family delivered a meal to a lady who came here from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. That morning, Greg’s wife Leah told Linda (pseudonym) she was also from Louisiana. After explaining what part, Linda said, “Me too! I was born in Opelousas!” This was just the beginning of their conversation. They ended up staying at Linda’s house for a couple of hours just getting to know each other. Linda later told Pat she felt so loved and cared for this Thanksgiving by Greg and his family. Greg said of all the people his family could have delivered a meal to, they were directed to Linda for a reason.

Serve Denton is honored to have been a part of bringing joy to people’s lives this holiday season. This is how we can all impact our community – one person at a time! Thanks to everyone who donated and delivered meals for Giving Thanksgiving. You made a difference!