Help Us Welcome RISE as Our Newest Virtual Partner!

We are so excited to welcome RISE as our newest virtual nonprofit partner!

RISE utilizes a diverse pool of volunteers to provide legal education, information, and representation to those in need. They educate community members on legal concepts encountered on a daily basis and connect volunteers to those in need of representation in the community.

What services does RISE offer?

Rise Legal Serve Denton

RISE will offer a number of educational classes at the Serve Denton Center that will cover these topics below. Individuals may also qualify to be represented by a legal volunteer.

  • Knowing your rights

  • Criminal law

  • Employment law

  • Immigration

  • Bankruptcy

  • Reclaiming your driver’s license

  • Family law

  • Basic contract law

  • Property

  • Debt collection

Filling Another Rung

RISE fills one of the top rungs on our Ladder of Self-Sufficiency, which means 15 of our rungs are being addressed by our current nonprofit partners. By partnering with Serve Denton, legal services will be more accessible for our neighbors living in Denton County.

Photo (left to right): Aubrey Dameron, RISE; Kinsey Adamson, Serve Denton

Photo (left to right): Aubrey Dameron, RISE; Kinsey Adamson, Serve Denton

Since RISE is one of our virtual partners, that means they do not actually have an office onsite at the Serve Denton Center, but they have access to our shared spaces, which is where they will hold some of  their classes. They will also be able to more easily collaborate with the network of other nonprofits who partner with Serve Denton.

Again, we are so excited to partner with RISE and look forward to serving our community with them. Help us welcome them to our team!