Help Us Welcome Hearts for Homes as Our Newest Virtual Partner!

We are so excited to welcome Hearts for Homes as our newest virtual nonprofit partner!

The mission of Hearts for Homes is to improve the living conditions of low-income senior homeowners in Denton County. They provide hope and dignity through home rehab, which affords low-income seniors a safe, comfortable, and well-functioning home.

What services does Hearts for Homes offer?

Hearts for Homes Serve Denton

Hearts for Homes provides no-cost home repairs for seniors.

They also provide Christmas baskets loaded with nonperishable food items and durable goods—as well as Christmas decorations—to help seniors stretch their budgets during the holiday season, which can normally be a stressful time of year.

Hearts for Homes was founded by Susan Frank on April 15, 2006.

They began out of the home of Susan and Larry Frank in its early years, right here in Denton, TX. They have always been a big proponent of collaboration with other agencies to fulfill the needs of their senior clients.

Becoming a partner agency with Serve Denton will add even more collaborative possibilities to their mission.

Adding to the Rungs

Hearts for Homes Serve Denton

Hearts for Homes is a great addition to the “Housing” rung on our Ladder of Self-Sufficiency. By helping low-income seniors fix up their homes, they are preventing people from potentially becoming homeless and serving a vulnerable group of our population.

Susan Frank, founder of Hearts for Homes, when asked about joining forces with Serve Denton said,

Being a partner agency of such a fast growing, vibrant and principled organization such as Serve Denton will just add another level of integrity and exposure to H4H.”

Their organization currently has four staff members; two full time and two part time members. Their primary location can be found at 826 East McKinney St., Denton, TX 76209. Join us in welcoming Hearts for Homes to the team!