You Will Be Moved When You Hear What NCTC Just Did

When a North Texas Central College student was in need, the school jumped in to help. Serve Denton’s own board member, Dr. Roxanne Del Rio, works at NCTC as the Dean of Strategic Student Initiatives & Multicultural Outreach and had a hand in getting this student the help he needed.

Check out the student’s story below!

“This has been having me very upset and with everything else going on I have felt physically bad and emotionally bad for 2 years; however, my abdominal pain has gotten much worse. I was on social security and they shut me off because I tried to go back to work in 2014 and then couldn’t continue because of my abdomen, and then a few months later I was in the hospital having eight feet of small intestines removed because they just died.

However, because I went back to work for six to seven months, social security shut me off and also my children. My wife is also on disability due to a physical skeletal condition. We have been cutting everything we can think of to avoid a short fall of funds without any luck.

We are living in Krum, Texas at the time, and the reason we settled in Krum is because the school district has a wonderful program for dyslexia, and ADHD that all three of our children have. I have reached out to every social service program that I can think of, and I have reached out to all of the organizations that assist people with housing assistance; however, no funding is currently available.

My wife and I have been worried for over a month now and we have NO savings. I am in major need of assistance and anything you all could do would be extremely helpful. I am in the process of trying to get myself reinstated back on social security, but they said that this could take up to three to six months and May is month one. My wife and I are still in a lease with our current apartment until August, and we have talked about moving back into an RV but it isn’t running and with my wife’s physical condition and her respiratory condition that requires an oxygen machine at night this isn’t the best option at the moment.”

Since hearing this story, NCTC has provided the family with rental assistance to help stabilize their living situation and get them back on track! A big thanks goes to NCTC and our Serve Denton Board Member Dr. Roxanne Del Rio for helping one of our neighbors get closer to reaching self-sufficiency!