Community Partners Come Together

One of our partners at the Serve Denton Center, Community Services, Inc. was recently asking herself, "How can I better serve my clients who are in need of food?"

Courtesy | Shiloh Field Community Garden

Courtesy | Shiloh Field Community Garden

Community Services, Inc. is already partnering with community gardens in Denton and Hunt Counties to provide additional food for their clients. That's when they got in contact with Gene Gumfory at Shiloh Field Community Garden

Shiloh Field Community Garden is completely volunteer run and donates all of its harvest to local ministries to feed those in need. They have 152 plots full of fruit, including blackberries, trees, chickens, honey bees, a vineyard, composting and more.

Now Shiloh Field Community Garden and Community Services, Inc. will work together to produce and harvest food for their clients! Community Services, Inc. will provide the squash seeds for the July harvest and bring volunteers to help plant and harvest the veggies, and Shiloh Field Community Garden will allow them to keep what grows.

What a great example of our community coming together to help people become self-sufficient!

Not only that, but Communtiy Services, Inc. will use the Serve Denton Share-A-Van to transport their clients to the garden to volunteer and collect food.


Success at the Serve Denton Center

Dee from Community Services, Inc. talks about how being at the Serve Denton Center has benefitted her organization.

"Community Services, Inc. loves being at Serve Denton.

We have clients who ride the bus route to Serve Denton. It's easy for our clients to find and they love coming to see me at Serve Denton because it is in the center of Denton.

I will be partnering with many of the partners here at Serve Denton to serve our clients. I have already referred clients to NewDay Services (fatherhood program), TruExpansionFoundation (youth life skills), Refuge for Women (sex trafficking healing) and Rising Star Resource Development (job placement services)."

Shiloh Field Community Garden harvests every Monday, Thursday and Saturday starting at 8:00 am and is always in need of volunteers.

Dee said, "CSI is very excited to begin providing volunteers and support for the Community Gardens in Denton."