And the Winner is Serve Denton!

Serve Denton secured the most pledges to win the SEED Network Community Organizer competition! Winning the competition allows Serve Denton to send one staff member to attend the 2015 Structures for Inclusion Conference in Detroit, Michigan. We used social media to galvanize the largest number of pledges to the SEED mission and win the coveted prize. SEED_front

SEED’s (Social Economic Environmental Design) mission is to advance the right of every person to live in a socially, economically and environmentally healthy community. Serve Denton plans to incorporate the SEED principles in the renovations of the Assistance and Events Center. This will be Serve Denton’s largest project. The entire 32,000 square foot building will be renovated to accommodate several nonprofit service providers and provide a safe and convenient place for the people of Denton to receive services.

By using SEED’s principles and criteria on this upcoming project, Serve Denton will be furthering social, economic and environmental justice. To learn more about the SEED Network or Serve Denton, visit their websites. Heather Quinn Gage can be contacted at