How 311 People Received Thanksgiving Meals

This is our third year to partner with Barley & Board and LSA Burger Co. to deliver fully-cooked meals to families in need this #Thanksgiving! Read one of the impact stories below.


How the Families Were Identified

A few months ago, we contacted a few of our nonprofit partner agencies and community partners to ask if they knew of anyone who was home-bound for the holiday and could use a Thanksgiving meal. They came back with 90 families, which equaled out to 311 individuals!

Last year, we delivered to 26 families (121 individuals), and this year, we increased to 90 families (311 individuals)! 


Collecting the Volunteers

After the families were identified, we ask for 90 volunteers to deliver the meals. We were blown away by the response. Within just a week or two, all of the volunteer spots were filled and people continued to reach out asking for ways they could help. 

Volunteers showed up Thanksgiving morning to pick up the meals, then delivered them to their assigned family!


One Grateful Mom

A few days before Thanksgiving, we had one vacant spot open up that our Operations Assistant Kinsey Adamson was desperately trying to fill.

After brainstorming with Danita and Annie, other Serve Denton staff members, she remembered a lady she had recently met at church who was new to the area. She didn't want to offend her and wasn't sure how she would take being asked if she needed a meal. So she decided to call her.

The woman was beyond grateful and responded, "This is such an answered prayer. We don't have any money to buy a turkey. I have already used my food stamps for other food. We were just going to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for Thanksgiving. Is it possible to get a plate for me and my husband? My two kids can share a plate."

Kinsey told her she would actually get a meal for SIX people and would have plenty for leftovers. Then they prayed together and ended their conversation. 

Stories like these are why we are so grateful for your support. You make these stories happen.


Pictures From the Day


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