How 239 People Received Thanksgiving Meals

This is the fourth year of #GivingThanksgiving! We partnered with Radical Hospitality to deliver fully-cooked meals to families in need this Thanksgiving. The event was hosted at Barley & Board and volunteers delivered full meals all over Denton!

Read one of the impact stories below.



Finding Families

A few months ago, we contacted a few of our nonprofit partner agencies and community partners to ask if they knew of anyone who was home-bound for the holiday and could use a Thanksgiving meal. They came back with 69 families, which equaled 239 individuals!


Finding Volunteers


After the families were identified, we asked for 86 volunteers to help deliver the meals, organize meal bags at Barley & Board and help carry meals to the driver’s cars. We were blown away by the response. Within just a week or two, all of the volunteer spots were filled and people continued to reach out asking for ways they could help. 

Volunteers showed up Thanksgiving morning to pick up the meals, then delivered them to their assigned family!


An Unlikely Delivery

One of our partner nonprofit agencies at The Wheeler House is Giving Hope, Inc. Tyheshia Scott, the Executive Director of Giving Hope, Inc., knew of a single mom with two young kids out in Carrollton, TX, who could use a Thanksgiving meal this season. Because of the distance, she decided to deliver the meal herself.

When she arrived at the family’s apartment, no one answered the door. She waited around for a bit, but still had no luck. She was about to drop the meal on their doorstep when she decided to call Janet (pseudonym).

Janet picked up and told Tyheshia she has been in the hospital for the past few days because her newborn baby had been having a hard time breathing. The baby had been admitted to the ICU.

Janet was distressed and overwhelmed.

Tyheshia immediately told Janet she was coming to Children’s Medical Center Plano to visit with her and to drop off the Thanksgiving meal. She was determined to try and bring some normalcy to this family’s difficult holiday season. While an unlikely delivery, we hope this family felt loved and supported amidst the stress of sickness and uncertainty.


Pictures From the Day


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