Why Youth & Family Counseling Partners with Serve Denton

We decided to interview one of our partner agencies, Youth & Family Counseling, to learn a little bit more about their services! Did you know mental health is the #1 need for children in Denton County? This is a big reason why they decided to open a second location in Northern Denton County, right here at Serve Denton!

Youth & Family Counseling offers mental health services for all income levels.



#1. Why does Youth & Family Counseling office at Serve Denton?

Serve Denton provides a unique opportunity for us to provide counseling services and connect our clients with other nonprofit agencies they might not have known were available. Or due to barriers, couldn’t seek their services. It allows for additional preventative services and helps our clients not have to visit multiple locations for different services. Serve Denton also provides a more cost-effective way to serve our community, while being accessible to those most in need.


#2. How much money do you save per year by officing at Serve Denton

Compared to a typical office, shared office space saves our agency over $20,000 per year!

#3. What are your days/ hours at the Serve Denton office?

We are currently open Monday through Thursday until 9 p.m. We are hoping to expand to Saturday hours when we move to the new, permanent location.

#4. How many counselors work at the Serve Denton office? 

We currently have five therapists who work out of the Serve Denton location.

#5. How many patients have you served at the Serve Denton location since the beginning? 

Since Youth & Family Counseling has partnered with Serve Denton, we have completed 1,494 counseling sessions.

#6. Do you have an impactful story that has happened at the Serve Denton office?

Youth & Family Counseling started a group for teens called T.H.R.I.V.E. Teen Hope: Resilience, Individuality, Values and Empowerment, which helps teens with emotion regulation through a Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) model.

DBT is a skill-based model with four primary modules:

Youth & Family Counseling GIF - 4 primary modules

Some of the teens have voiced the usefulness of this program!

Teen #1 said:
“I really liked the Body Scan exercise. It helped me take a minute to notice how I am feeling on the inside and the outside.”

Teen #2 said:
“When we talk about the difference between reacting versus responding to a situation, I realized when I get angry, I am reacting to the situation and not using Wise Mind.”

Teen #3 said:
“I realized I am sometimes passive with my friends because I don’t want to argue, and I want them to like me.”

#7. Can you tell me how Youth & Family Counseling and Refuge for Women got connected and how your organizations' collaborate? 

Serve Denton hosts monthly partner agency meetings for their nonprofits. While at one of those meetings, we were discussing ways to better serve the community jointly.

Youth & Family Counseling continued the conversation with Refuge for Women after the meeting. (Refuge for Women provides aftercare for trafficked and sexuality exploited women. They recently opened a safe home here in North Texas.)

We subsequently met again and continued to discuss having a specialty in trauma care. Youth & Family Counseling had a therapist on staff with experience working with the trafficked community. It was a natural connection, and we bridged the need with the specialty after that.

#8: Have you collaborated with any of the other Serve Denton tenants?

Multiple times. We refer to several other tenants and have recently begun discussions with another, to begin providing therapeutic services. Each tenant has their own unique service – combining them often helps clients become more stable emotionally, financially, physically and at times, socially, compared to when they first arrived at the Serve Denton location.

*Answers by Youth & Family Counseling Executive Director Terri Donsbach


There is a negative stigma when it comes to mental health, and Y&FC is helping diminish it. This is one of the big reasons we are so thankful for their organization and the work they do to impact our community. For more information about Youth & Family Counseling, visit their website by clicking the button below. If you are interested in becoming a partner agency at Serve Denton, please email info@servedenton.org. We currently have 11 partner agencies.