Serve Denton provides affordable office space for local nonprofit agencies.

The Assistance and Events Center (A&EC) is Serve Denton’s largest project! This 32,000 square foot building can accommodate many nonprofit service providers in one convenient location at an affordable price.

This way, those in need only have to visit one location to receive the services they need instead of searching all around town for the right nonprofit. We also have a large event space, classroom and several conference rooms that our partnering nonprofit agencies can use for board meetings, programing, conferences, coalition meetings, etc.

We opened our first phase on the second floor in 2014 and now have nine nonprofit agencies that office with us.

Without Serve Denton, Youth & Family Counseling would not have been able to establish a second location in Northern Denton County.
— Eren Turner, Former Executive Director of Youth & Family Counseling
It’s been very helpful to have the tangible space at Serve Denton not only because of the signage, but because of their wide network.
— Heather Hutmacher, Big Brothers Big Sisters Executive Director


What is Serve Denton?

Learn more about how Serve Denton works by watching this video.

Assistance & events Center

Serve Denton
306 N Loop 288
Denton, TX 76209

(940) 735-3234



Current Nonprofit Partners

Serve Denton Self-Sufficiency Ladder


Is your nonprofit interested in officing at Serve Denton?

We are always looking for new nonprofit agencies to partner alongside! Our goal is to fill the rungs of our self-sufficiency ladder with service providers so more of our neighbors can reach the path to becoming self-sufficient.